About Creating Avalon

Creating Avalon is about the journey toward a simple life.

Life should be about family and love, friendship and community…

Often life is about work, schedules and money. We’ve been told the secret to a better life is to work harder, manage time more efficiently and create debt so we can repay it. We’ve been led to believe that ‘quality time’ with our children is more beneficial than ‘quantity time’.

For many of us, life is limited to the work/eat/sleep cycle. We go to work so we can pay the bills and we crowd our lives with stuff, only to throw it all away and then we complain about the debt.

Creating Avalon is about learning new skills and sharing experiences, it’s about saving our lives, saving money and saving the planet. However, it’s also about taking responsibility for our lives, the situation we find ourselves in and then taking action to create a better life for our family, our friends, our community and ourselves.

Avalon was not perfect, so you may think creating Avalon is not a goal worth pursuing, but I imagine Avalon as a place of beauty, where gardens are productive and flourish and people work toward common goals. My Avalon doesn’t have a King or knights in shining armour; there are no maidens in distress or ladies in waiting.

My vision of Avalon continues to grow as I work toward a simpler life.

Your Avalon can be anything you want it to be.


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