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Looking back…

Ten years ago, our life was very different. We lived in the city, owned a new home in a busy suburb and sent our children to a private school. We had short-term goals, long-term plans, and a list of stuff we planned to purchase over the next few years. We were busy, stressed and burnt out.

Thinking about it now, it feels like I am looking back on someone else’s life. It’s so different to the life we live now that I would have trouble convincing you that we are even the same family.

However, it’s more than just the things we do or where we live. Sure, we live in a small country town and the kids go to a public school, our goals are different and there is no long-term plan and no list of stuff, but it’s more than that.

We are different because we think differently; we believe different things and we’ve changed the rules that guide our lives. My family may not agree, but as the mother, I am in a position to see these changes and direct the change toward a positive outcome if necessary.

Fortunately, it wasn’t necessary.

Even from this unique position, I know the biggest changes happened without me even noticing. I didn’t notice because I was too busy. Even after moving away from the city, we were able to maintain the busyness and the stress for quite some time.

Today, I see a family that has a better understanding of what’s important in life and we are satisfied with a simpler approach. We are more relaxed and less stressed. The funny thing is that life did this to us; it was never a choice that we made willingly. Even in the beginning, it wasn’t a choice to move to the country, it was a reaction to a situation.

To be honest, life dragged us in to the future, sometimes we kicked and screamed, often we resisted and we refused to go calmly. But the point is, we are exactly where we’re meant to be.

Life isn’t perfect but it is so much better than it was 10 years ago.