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How to make real vanilla extract

Vanilla Extract (Recipe)

I never realised that Vanilla Extract was a simple herbal tincture/extract until I visited this site a couple of years ago. How to make real vanilla extract in time for the holidays | Chef and Steward.

Here’s the instructions for Real Vanilla Extract


  • 3 to 6 Vanilla beans
  • About 1 cup Alcohol  (like vodka or brandy but you may substitute this with Rum as they do at Chef and Steward, but I think the taste is too strong),
  • A sterilized airtight jar (about 500ml size)


Split the Vanilla bean lengthwise down the centre with a sharp knife leaving about 1cm still joined.

Pour the alcohol into the jar and add the split vanilla beans, making sure to fully immerse them and then seal the jar tightly.6 Vanilla Beans

Grab a label or a piece of sticky tape and label the jar (include the date of production).

(And don’t think you will remember the day you did this because you won’t)

Place the jar in a dark place for about two months, shaking the bottle several times a week. (Be sure to shake it at least once per week)

The extract will probably smell like vanilla within a few days and you can use it in two weeks if you really need too.

You don’t need to remove the vanilla beans and if you like you can make a vanilla paste by placing the vanilla beans in a blender with a little of the infused alcohol until the paste is a consistency you like

Vanilla beans need to be cured proper...


Hello world!

I guess the phrase Hello World! is as good as any for the first post on a blog site and at the moment I can’t think of anything better.

This blog has been created as an outlet for my writing, a way to share the research and as an accessory to other articles I write. Some of my articles are published in a local newspaper but there is never enough space within the word limits set by my editor to say all I need to say or want to say.

People who read the paper often ask questions about something I have written or request more information, so this blog will help to share this information easily and provide updates when I need to. Hopefully, I will gather some feedback and learn what others are doing to change their lives.

This blog will also allow readers to follow the links and continue to research the topics themselves if they want too or simply check the details of something I have said.

However, this is not about what I have already written nor is it limited to discussions related to the published articles. It’s about the need to share and to encourage others to learn new skills and simplify their lives.

I believe our creative ability sets us apart from other species, not our intelligence nor our nifty thumbs. This creative ability enables us to see beauty, be grateful for the simple things in life and it allows us to discover solutions to problems.

I also believe the secret to happiness is found in simple pleasures. However, were not taught these things and often we are so caught in the frantic energy of life that we forget what happiness even feels like.

So that’s what Creating Avalon is about, discovering happiness, rediscovering our creative energy and developing creative abilities so we can lead a simple more fulfilling life.

Creating Avalon almost became Finding Eden and either name would have suited the theme perfectly, but Avalon was a society while Eden was a garden. Either myth or story could lead us down a similar path but perhaps Avalon invokes the ideas of family, friendship and society more fully and allows me to expand on my image of Avalon.

If you found your way here, Welcome, enjoy the journey and let me know what you are doing on your own journey toward a simple life.